LouBot 1.0 has arrived

LouBot 1.0 has arrived

LouBot 1.0, Louie’s Pizza and Catering’s newest metal mascot has arrived in Portland and is taking the city by storm via Facebook and Instagram.  LouBot is the creation of Arizona artist, Alexi Devilliars, who is gaining notoriety for his unique artistry and has been featured in magazine articles, documentaries, television shows and most recently was a feature story on Univision.

LouBot was purchased as a donation to Alexi, who takes the money from the sales of his robot hoard, and uses the money to perpetually feed the disenfranchised and homeless in the Phoenix metro area.  With the remaining cleaned and sanitized cans, Alexi turns what was a Saturday afternoon meal to many and creates his notable artistry.


The idea for LouBot came about because of the cosmetic remodel of Louie’s Pizza and Catering, which brings in elements of wood, glass and corrugated metals. Lou Cortese, owner of Louie’s Pizza says “I’ve never personally met Alexi, but some of my close friends told me about what he does, and his work with the homeless and the art he creates from it, and this is something we at Louie’s Pizza totally support and appreciate.”

Lou went on to say, “We thought a robot would be a perfect fit for the remodel, and would be something fun and different, no one else in Portland has. I loved the idea and we asked Alexi to come up with something fun, and a month later, LouBot 1.0 arrived. We’re happy to display LouBot and thankful for Alexi and what he does.”

Once the remodel is finished, you’ll able to see LouBot on display at Louie’s Pizza and Catering at 4940 N. Lombard or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to run into LouBot on one of his many fashion shoots around Portland, and get your picture with him.

You can follow LouBot and Louie’s Pizza on Facebook and Instagram.


Learn more about Arizona Artist, Alexi Devilliars here.